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Hiranoya Sauna

平野屋サウナ ryokan sauna2023


Ryokan Hiranoya was founded in 1932 and has a history of about 90 years. After many years, a different scenery was born from the new construction at that time. It is a scenery where the retaining walls and outer walls are gradually eroded by moss. The beginning of design was to focus on the beauty of such a half-natural, half-artificial landscape.
In Japan, which has entered the era of Reiwa after high economic growth, the admiration for industrial products has gradually changed, and the admiration for nature has become stronger.
People are creating new value in the act of "totou" through the sauna experience. It's a special time to notice your inner self. The materials that make up the space are simple, and each one exists quietly. The nature that can be seen from the room and the guests are the leading role in this space. Just as the natural scenery soothes the hearts of our customers, we aim to make the scenery stand out more and create a "totoi" space that is dyed by the surrounding changes such as seasons and weather. Light pours into the room on sunny days, and gently illuminates the room on cloudy days. On rainy days, the sound flowing between the rocks echoes beautifully. Such a universal and special landscape stimulates people's inner world.

名  称:平野屋サウナ
旅館サウナ 改修工事


規  模:6階建てRC

設計・デザイン:伊藤 隆一・彩

​造  園:園三

彫  刻:本郷 芳哉

作  曲:Neil Leonard    

​美  術:ito ayaka


​写  真:植村  崇史

受 賞 歴:日本空間デザイン賞2023 Shortlist

              DFA Design for Asia Awards2023 Merit Award

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